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Product Code: ho14_137911
Join the Cheryl’s Brownie of the Month Club!

Sign up TODAY to receive delicious savings on Cheryl’s FAMOUS gourmet brownies! A tasty box of brownies is automatically delivered to your door 6 or 12 times a year – you choose! Each delivery includes 10 individually wrapped brownies. With Cheryl's Brownie Club, you can have delicious treats automatically delivered to your (or anyone else's) door, guaranteeing that a scrumptious snack is always available. Your tasty deliveries ship the 1st week of the month. OU D

Flavors: January - Caramel Peanut Butter Chocolate, February - Buttercream Frosted Hot Cocoa, March - Cashew Chocolate Chip, April - Blondie Walnut, May - Buttercream Frosted Classic Vanilla Fudge, June - Raspberry Crumb, July - Oatmeal Scotchie, August - Fudge, September - Buttercream Frosted Peanut Butter Fudge, October - Caramel Fudge, November - Toffee Almond Crunch, December - Buttercream Frosted Fudge Mint

SAVE 43% when you join the Cheryl's Brownie of the Month Club! Starting at ONLY $19.99 per delivery!*

NEW! 12 Deliveries Per Year*   
10 brownies per delivery #137931 $19.99   

6 Deliveries Per Year* – Months included – October, December, February, April,  June and  August
10 brownies per delivery #137911 $21.99.  

The payment method used for your first order will be charged for each future delivery. Shipping and handling charges are additional. This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes, Reward Cards, Passport and Shoprunner.
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